Life is an Adventure...dream it & plan it
On the top of a peak at Manipur Way to Leimatak river, destination is 18km away from MMTA Trekking to Leimaton, one of the highest peak of Manipur Obstacles, a part of our programme Enjoying moment with some fighting games Refreshing mind in beautiful natural scenario At snap of Khuman Lampak Main Stadium, Manipur


Tezpur University Adventure Sports Club is an organization of the Student Council of Tezpur University, dedicated to the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness with the maximum number. Our aim is to provide state of art, safe 'n' thrilling adventure sports in this evergreen region of India. We are interested in bringing adventure into the lives of the youth specially those who would otherwise have had no hope of being exposed to it.

We are committed to provide only Premium events. We are NOT one of those "can do" clubs because, quite frankly, there are some things we can't do, and there are other things that just shouldn't be done. We prefer to tell you up front than have you discover it on the day of the event. So when we say we "can do" something, you can be rest assured it will be done well!

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