Ten Reasons for selecting Tezpur University as a destination for your career progression

1. Tezpur University is a Central University with state of the art infrastructures for supporting its completely residential campus with all modern amenities that include good schooling for children and medical facility.
2. There is assured electricity, treated water supply and absolute security in the campus.
3. High salary for teaching and non-teaching positions as per the recommendation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission
4. Academic and intellectual freedom to pursue one's own areas of research interest. Dynamic and humane administrative support.
5. Excellent campus network including Wi-Fi connectivity.
6. Adequate travel support for attending International and National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
7. The University is located in the historic town of Tezpur which is also a strategically important station for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.
8. Serene and sylvan campus amidst the pristine beauty of nature with very decent accommodation.
9. Close proximity to the Kaziranga National Park and many beautiful spots of ecotourism interest which provide scopes for exciting out-door sport activities like trekking, rafting, angling, etc.
10. Very good connectivity to the rest of the country through the major International Airport and Rail Head at Guwahati with which Tezpur University is connected with good National Highways ( NH-37 and NH-52).          
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