1 Name and address of the University
    Tezpur University
    Napaam: 784028 (Assam)
2 Date of establishment of University
    January 21, 1994
3 Type of University
    Unitary            Affiliating
4 Area of the University in acres
    261.47 Acres
5 Number of Campuses: One       Name of the Campus: Napaam Campus
(in sq.m.) 
(i) Total Land allotted   10,58,587.36
(ii) Main Campus covered area   10,58,587.36
(iii) Offf Campus covered area   Nil
6 A Brief note about the University
7 Total number of departments and the courses offered by them
8 Brief details of the support services in the University on the following
9 A brief note about progress made by the University during XI Plan
10 Total demand of grants projected by the University under XI Plan
      Rs. 43,458.51 Lakh
11 Details of the Plan (inclusive of all schemes as a whole under Plan) and Non-plan grants sanctioned and utilized.
      Xth Plan, XIth Plan, XIIth Plan
12 What is the University's 'unit cost' of education? [unit cost = total annual expenditure (actual) divided by the number of the students enrolled].
      = Rs. 2.84 lakh for the year 2013-14
13 What is the temporal plan of academic work in the University?
      Semester System

      Annual System

      Any other (Specify)

14 Is the Credit system of instruction followed?

      Yes          No
15 Is the University have an Internal Audit Cell?
If yes, please give the structure of the existing internal Audit Cell?
If no,please submit a detailed proposel along-with the requirement of the staff with full justification?

       Yes          No

        The Internal Audit Cell of the University is manned by one Internal Audit Officer (on deputation).

16 Is the University having College Development Council?
        Yes          No
17 Does the University offer distance education programme?
         Yes          No

  if yes, indicate the number of courses offered and the number of full time faculty, non-teaching staff and number of students

a Number of Courses offered 11
b Number of Students 254
c Number of Teaching Staff 01
d Number of Non-Teaching Staff 02
18 Number of Self-Financing Courses with details of Self- financing courses?
19 How many students have passed the following examinations in the last five years?

Examination 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
UGC-CSIR exam (NET) 53 53 51 80 57
SET 4 8 10 10 26
GATE 54 56 48 146 104
Indian Civil Services Examination 2
GRE 1 1
GMAT 1 1

20 Furnish the following details (in figures) for the last three years:
  • Number of working days of the University :   746 (248+249+249)
  • Number of working days of the Library :        1057 (352+353+352)
  • Number of teaching days of the University :   541 (182+178+181)
  • Number of Computer in the University :         1000
  • Research projects completed and their total outlay : List enclosed Annexure I
  • Details of teachers who have received national recognition for teaching research, consultancy & extension : List enclosed Annexure II
  • Teachers who were resource persons at national seminars / workshops : List enclosed Annexure III
  • Teachers who have attended international seminars : 1095 (Year 2010-11) List enclosed Annexure IV
21 Give the number of ongoing research project and their total outlay.
Ongoing Reserach Project (Annexures V)
22 Does the university have collaborations/linkages with International University/Institutions?

      Yes          No

     If yes, list of MoUs signed and furnish the important details of those collaborations.
     List of MoUs

  General Information
University: Tezpur University

1. Date of Establishment 21st January, 1994
2. Territorial Jurisdiction
3. Location of University (Metropolis/ Urban/ Semi-Urban/ Rural Rural
4. Campus Area 261.47 Acres
5. Number of Faculties (List may be enclosed) List enclosed (Annexure VI)
6. Number of Departments/ Centers/ Institutes (List may be enclosed) List enclosed (Annexure VII)
7. Number of Departments/ Centers/ Institutes getting supports under UGC- SAP. List enclosed (Annexure VIII)
8. Number of Departments/ Centers/ Institutes having collaboration/ exchange programmes with other national and international institutions. 6
9. Number of books in the Library 65,873
10. Number of Journals subscribed 630
11. Total number of Students (as on 31/03/2014) 3,059
a) Number of Students (Degree class & above in University Departments) 3,059
b) Number of Students (Diploma / Certificate Courses in University Departments) 122
c) Number of School Students upto (10+2) NIL
12. Number of Foreign Students (included in total students) 2
13. Number of Teaching Staff (as on 31/03/2014) 213
  a) Number of Female Teachers 42
  b) Number of Teachers with PhD Degree 162
  c) Number of Non-Teaching Staff (as on 31/03/2014) 262
14. Teacher Student Ratio 1:14.36
15. Teaching to Non-Teaching Ratio 1:1.23
23 Total number of Colleges
  • Number of Affiliated Colleges
  • Number of constituent Colleges
  • Number of Autonomous Colleges
  • Number of Colleges recognized u/s 2(f) of UGC Act
  • Number of Colleges recognized u/s 12 (B) of UGC Act

2. Number of Students N/A
3. Number of Teaching Staff N/A
4. Number of Non-teaching Staff N/A
5. Teacher Student Ratio N/A
6. Teaching to Non-Teaching Ratio N/A
24 University maintained Colleges / Institutions
25 Hostels

1 Total number of Hostels 12
2 Number of Girls Hostels 7
3 Number of Residents Men Women
1,679 1,098
4 SC Students (as on 31/03/2014)    
5 ST Students (as on 31/03/2014)    
6 OBC Students (as on 31/03/2014)    
7 PH Students (as on 31/03/2014)    

26 Schools
1 Number of Schools (upto 10+2) 1
2 Number of Students in Schools (upto 10+2) 506
3 Number of Teaching Staff
11 14
4 Number of Non-Teaching Staff 03 00
5 Teacher Students Ratio 1:20.24
6 Teaching to Non-Teaching Ratio 0.12:1
27 Please indicate whether in addition to University School, is there any KVS School on Project basis, if yes, please give the details.
  The School mentioned above is a KVS School.
28 Plan Grant

(i) Development Grant

IX Plan, X Plan & Year-wise Releases

(ii) Non-Lapsable Central Resources Pool (NLCRP)

(iii) Special Allocation during XIth Plan period

(iv) XIIth Plan

(v)Financial Budget for 2014-15

29 Non-Plan Grant

i) Xth Plan : Details & Summary

ii) XIth Plan : Details & Summary

iii) XIIth Plan : Summary

30 Unspent Balances Position
31 Staff Strength (as on 31.03.2014)
  Teaching , Non-Teaching
32 Student enrollment (as on 31.03.2014)
33 Examination
34 Reservation status for SC/ST/OBC/PH (as on 31.03.2014)

  i) Teaching
  ii) Non-Teaching
  iii) Group A & B
  iv) Group C & D

35 State-wise Student enrollment (as on 31.03.2014) in University Department
36 State-wise existing teaching staff & other academic positions (as on 31.03.2014) in University Department under Plan and Non-Plan
37 Status of Reservation in various facilities provided by the University
  As per GoI norms

Status of Accommodation in various categories

  List enclosed – Annexure IX

39 Current status on special scheme approved by UGC on the following
    (i) Residential Coaching Academy for SC/ST/Minority/Women -
    (ii) Centre for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teacher -
    (iii) Centre for Classical Language – Telugu -
    (vi) Centre for Classical Language – Kannada -
    (v) Any other Centre / Scheme -

40 Details of establishment of chair in Central Universities
1 MHRD IPR Chair MHRD, Govt. of India
2 Sankardeva Chair MHRD, Govt. of India
3 Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Chair MHRD, Govt. of India

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